Boulder County Energy Smart $250 Rebate

EnergySmart funds help reduce service cost and provide financial incentives for efficiency upgrades, supplementing rebates currently offered by the cities of Longmont and Boulder, the State of Colorado, and Xcel Energy.

While residential rebate funds last, homeowners implementing recommended projects will receive an additional limited-time residential rebate of up to $250.

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Fort Collins Residential Efficiency Program- Multiple Rebates

Rebates for efficiency measures, like air sealing, insulation, windows and furnaces are available to homeowners who sign up for a home energy audit with the City of Fort Collins Utilities. Also, home owners must use approved contractors to get the rebates. Here is a brief description of possible rebates;

Air Leakage Reductions:$200 - $400, based on the reduction in leakage percentage,

Attic, Wall and Crawlspace Insulation: $.30 – $.50 cents per square foot installed to program standards.

Replacement Windows and Sliding Glass Doors: $2.75 per square foot for replacing old windows with energy efficient ones and existing windows must be single pane wood or any window with metal frame.

Water Heaters, House-Fans, Furnaces, A/C Systems: Up to $500 for high-efficiency equipment.

Fort Collins has provided a chart detailing the criteria for rebates. Learn more at:

Xcel Energy – Stand Alone Rebates and Home Performance with Energy Star Program

Home owners who are Xcel Energy customers for either natural gas or electric can take advantage of many stand-alone rebates for efficiency upgrades: For example, the rebate for Air Sealing and Insulation is 20% of the total job costs up to $300. Learn more at:

Homeowners who are have Xcel Energy for BOTH gas and electric qualify for the Home Performance with Energy Star Program. Once you've completed your Home Energy Audit, you can earn home energy rebates for making the recommended changes. The average rebate per home is $925.

• Air sealing and weather-stripping

• Attic insulation and bypass sealing

• High-efficiency lighting

• Wall insulation

• ENERGY STAR® set-back thermostat

• High-efficiency furnaces

• Tankless water heaters

• Power vented water heaters

• ENERGY STAR® refrigerator, dishwasher and clothes washer

Take a whole-house approach to energy savings and home improvements. This program is ideal for homeowners who need to make multiple improvements to their home. To participate, you must:

• Receive residential natural gas and electric service from Xcel Energy

• Complete a Standard Home Energy Audit with Blower Door ($90 fee) or Infrared Audit ($120 fee) through Xcel Energy

• Use a contractor from our Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Participating Installation Contractor List

• Implement at least five improvements - three mandatory and two optional

• Complete final inspection and provide all receipts to our audit partners

Note: If you have already earned a rebate through a different Xcel Energy program, you cannot receive another rebate for the same improvement.

Atmos Energy and Source Gas Rebates:

For insulation and air sealing, Atmos customers can receive a rebate of 40% of the total job costs up to $600 and rebates for high-efficiency furnaces up to $300.

Customers of Atmos Energy in Weld County can apply for rebates in the Excess is Out program. Atmos Energy knows people want to use less where they can, so Excess is Out. This program allows homeowners to take advantage of low-cost energy audits, rebates on equipment and insulation, and low cost or no cost offers for income-qualified customers.

SourceGas is also part of the Excess is Out program. The Excess is Out Program is looking to cut gas usage. Customers in the areas of Tri-Town, Wellington, Dacono, Firestone, Frederick, Erie, Longmont, and Mead can apply for rebates through this program. This program allows homeowners to take advantage of low-cost energy audits, rebates on equipment and insulation, and low cost or no cost offers for income-qualified customers.

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