Hello Mike,

It’s February 1, 2011. It is well below zero and it’s time to write a testimonial for the work This Efficient House did for us late this summer. After an Energy Logic home energy audit, air sealing and additional insulation were on the top of the list. After bids and recommendations, we chose This Efficient House for the work. The improvements, especially in comfort, have been GREAT. We have a 2700 square foot four level home and prior to the improvements, during
summer and winter, we experienced several degrees difference in the 4 levels. Examples - in the summer: Basement 69, Garden level 72, main floor 80 and upper level 85. (No air conditioning) and winter: Basement (not used in 2009 so did not open registers), Garden level 62; main level 67(location of thermostat) and upper level 63. We installed a gas fireplace in the family room (garden level) years ago so we could keep this family room comfortable during the winter

Since the air sealing and insulation, there is only a degree or two difference from floor to floor. We no longer run the fireplace to heat the family room. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Though we have yet to experience hot summer heat, we think the comfort is going to be great then also. We still do not plan to install air conditioning but we had a whole house fan installed. The couple of days we used it in August, the air sealing and insulation made a great difference in the upper levels not heating up much during the days.

A post air-infiltration test conducted to authorize the rebates had the inspector singing the praises of the work we had had done. He indicated we had one of the best improvements he had tested. More praises for This Efficient House crew!

Now for the stats: (Gas forced air furnace) Therms use from Excel Energy bill:
December 2009: 190 therms - December 2010: 116 therms
January 2010: 177 therms - January 2011: 112 therms

You can see the savings PLUS we remodeled the basement to a home theater room so we are now heating an additional 450 square feet compared to previous winter. If you are looking at improving the efficiency of your home, I strongly recommend you use Mike Truitt and the crew at This Efficient House!

Jamie Rubin, Fort Collins

Hi Mike,

I wanted to give you a heads up on this. From my view, your guys did a great job. Peter is going to come on Friday to inspect the work. The house already feels warmer to us. Tomorrow will be a good test.

Mike Thompson, Boulder

Hi Mike,

Happy New Year! Thanks to you and all your crew, whom I enjoyed meeting. Each one was kind and careful and respectful of us and our home. It is now much cozier, and we are really appreciative. I did receive a $300 Xcel rebate. I believe the Fort Collins rebate requires an inspection first. When will that happen?

Hope you have been able to enjoy the snow.
Thanks, Cheri J


I hope you will continue to have lots of work and the rebates and tax credits keep coming and .... get extended indefinitely! I am not so sure of that after the last election, though.

The house already feels much less drafty and seem to be holding the heat better! Thanks for a great job! I will certainly recommend your services to my friends.

Thanks again!
Connie, Boulder

From John Bookman,

This Efficient House provided us with a detailed description of the work to be done and a firm estimate of costs. The work-crew was punctual, knowledgeable, and courteous. Upon completion, I carefully looked over the job and found it more than satisfactory. Good clean-up done too. John Bookman, Fort Collins

Hi Mike!

I just wanted to let you know that I posted a review on Angie's List. I know it will be a few days before they post it, but you and Travis helped us so much that I wanted to make sure others know how great you guys are!

Thanks! Jennifer Mayhew, Fort Collins

From Diana Sproul,

We are renting, and didn't have the option of installing a full air conditioning system, or paying for improvements to a house we don't own. It was extremely hot inside in July; every day it was 82-86 degrees. When the company came out for a quote, they discovered the insulation was R4 value instead of R50, and areas in the middle of the house over the shower pipes weren't insulated at all. (donut insulation!) And although there was a roof vent, there weren't any soffit
vents underneath the roof, to draw in cooler air into the attic. So the attic heated up all day, and kept the upstairs bedrooms hot all night, even though it was cool outside. The company gave us the estimate, and told us about how a lot of the work would be covered by government rebates. I passed the info to our landlord, who was happy to have part of this process done. He agreed to install soffit vents under the roof eaves, and increase the insulation. After the work was done the temperature was reduced 8-12 degrees, making the upstairs far cooler, and more livable inside. It thrills me that this cooling is passive- once the work is done, the house is cooler without requiring more energy (like air conditioning would, for instance-). I am looking forward to seeing our heating savings this winter, too, since one February heating bill from last year, before the work was done, was over $250!

Thanks, This Efficient House! Diana Sproul, Fort Collins

Mike - we just tallied our propane usage for the last 17 days (it was filled 17 days ago). If our calculations are correct, ITS WORKING!!!! We've gone from a $600/month propane bill to a $205/month propane bill!!!

Rozz and Ryan White, Buckhorn Canyon


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